[Important] If you plan to use the Synapse discount, please follow these steps
AHHHH im so sorry i wasnt on the forums so i didnt see this until now!! i bought my key on april 22, 2017. pls tell me im still elligible. i thought seraph was going to discontinue so i stopped coming on the forum for a bit and when i came back i was already half a month late. pls pls pls autumn respond pls
(05-23-2018, 04:52 AM)Autumn Wrote: Sometime after May 25th, Seraph service will end, and a 50% Synapse discount will be active for all previous Seraph owners. If you plan on using this discount, you need to make sure that your license key is still active.

Please perform the following steps:

  • Make sure it's been at least 24 hours since you last registered your PC to use Seraph
  • Open registration.exe from the Seraph directory
  • Paste your key into the prompt and submit it
  • Confirm that the registration was successful

You should do this even if you are already registered. If it doesn't work, it means your license key is not active, and you won't be eligible for the Synapse discount. I will not be able to help you recover your license after Seraph service ends.

Please post on this thread if you need help recovering your license. I cannot guarantee a reply if you contact me about it elsewhere. If your key already works, you do not need to take any extra steps—simply save your key and wait patiently for the discount to become active.

Thanks. Tongue

Hi there, I really need my key recovered, If you could help me that would be appreciated

I lost my key. How can i get it back
can we bring back seraph?

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