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[Help][ROBLOX] Please Inform me ;(
Could anyone by chance point me in the correct directions or the next steps forward for developing my roblox exploit? I don't quite understand serialization and deserializaion.

I also don't understand what some are calling it, "penv check". I'm also lost on the closure check and replication check. There aren't quite good resources or explanations for what they are and how you can vaguely bypass them without fully leeching a source.


like 4our arms on
Serialization - This is the process of taking an LClosure and turning it into bytecode

Deserialization - This is the process of taking the bytecode and turning it into an LClosure

"Penv check" - This is the SEH chain (basically a fancy retcheck) in luaD_rawrunprotected that affects calls that are made to lua_pcall and lua_resume

Call check/Closure check - This is a check that is found in luaD_precall, which lua_pushcclosure verifies with luaD_precall before it passes a closure and your client will disconnect from the call check if you're trying to pass closures in ROBLOX's VM, so if you want to bypass it, just create a breakpoint for it

Replication check - This is a check that identifies any replicable prohibited property changes that are made to any instance that coexists on the client and the server

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