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How to use seraph even if its patched
No I am not copying off Dee, I just wanted to make it simpler.
Credits to Dee for him bringing it up
Credits to Victini for the raspberry pie time machine in his exploit
Dee's Thread
Original thread from v3rmillion
This thread will show you how you can use seraph even if its patched.
1. Download Victini's Exploit
2. Join a roblox server
3. Open up Victini Exploit
4. Inject
5. Wait for Raspberry Pie Time Machine to download
6. Exit the game when its finished downloading
7. Rejoin
8. Press Okay when a message appears, do that all the time.
9. Open up Seraph
10. Inject Seraph
11. Play with Seraph!
Here some proof from Dee's Thread.
Q: I want to uninstall the time machine, what do I do? download and run this, you should be fine afterwards
(Do I really need a vt for a program that is made by a reputable corporation :l) -- TickSeed
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is it working for now? can you post how to use and install it?
(04-13-2018, 02:16 AM)khimo1515 Wrote: is it working for now? can you post how to use and install it?

time machine patched snob

Exploits I own: Seraph, Bleu

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