Autumn please read (Sales)
Will Seraph ever go on sale with PayPal? its been so long and yet the store is not open at all so I would like to know Autumn will you ever put it up on PayPal.
serpah might not be on sales ever again :/

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why is that for i will buy the way it is i do not see the problem its simple if she put it back up for sale and let people know the cons about it then it falls on them if they buy it and they cant refund once they buy it thats just me I would let people know who want to buy it that there mite be probelms so once you pay there will be no refund if I was to do a poll and people say yes to it would you think she will be put it back up for sale.

Like if people pay for it that way it is they can't complain about it later down the lines and try to get a refund as long as she says there will be no refund I do not see the problem with that.
Autumn could you answer, please.
Autumn Is very busy at the moment and Either way I doubt it will be coming back on sale any time soon.

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But don't she have someone who makes the keys and stuff and also its been so long I thought Autumn would at least put sale's back up. but also I'm just throwing this out there why not make it free for a while till everything is good to go or something idk but I'm sure I'm not the only who would like to buy Seraph, And is Autumn going to use Paypal?
anything about it being free for time being or it going back up on sales?
Seraph unfortunately won't be on sale again, and it won't be free
why won't it be on sale no more?

Could a buy a key from you then at least
(04-08-2018, 05:41 AM)Deadshot645890 Wrote: why won't it be on sale no more?

Could a buy a key from you then at least

"It won't be on sale anymore"
"Can I buy a Seraph key at least?"


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