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[Q] How does roblox patch exploits..?
This is definitely a pretty nooby question, but, how exactly does roblox patch exploits? Is there someone who leaks the code, or does Roblox just have that knowledge on what exactly to patch? Sorry, once again for this noob like question, I'm just trying to get some understanding.

    If you responded to this question thank you!

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It's a good question! I wish people asked questions like this more often. Tongue
Roblox patches exploits indirectly. It's very rare for them to study an exploit and manually implement a patch for it. It happens at times, but not usually.
Instead, Roblox implements measures that make it very hard for an exploit to continue working. Every update, many very important things are randomly shuffled around.
Those include structs, algorithms, types of obfuscation, the locations of functions in memory, details that are important for certain types of encryption, and more.
In addition to this, they are actively working to remove more and more things that make it easy to find and analyze code, such as stray strings and unique patterns.
When an exploit stops working, it's because the code it used to compensate for the last update is no longer valid for the current update.
It's possible to automate this, but depending on how complicated your exploit is, this can get very difficult. That's what I'm trying to do for Seraph at the moment. But no promises.
When roblox update, it update some addresses & things like Autumn said
Not an expert so my reply won't be as much detailed as autumn

Let's jusst says that when they update, since they removed/added some things it modify the pointers exploits are using / randomize them
Which make the exploit invalid since it search or use things that are not longer valid

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