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[Outdated] Seraph v1.14.0 - Download + Changelog
(01-18-2018, 05:13 PM)Teru Wrote:
(01-18-2018, 04:16 PM)Player Wrote: Tbh Its not a matter of asking or being patient, Personally I think seraph has been on slack mode recently I mean look at synapse, $15 less and it now has a decompiler and can run remotespy

And this that was $15 More than synapse cant run remotespy, Takes a while to update and all the promises you were given when you purchased have been taken away, And Synapse has a decom. ;/

Yeah i understand, i bought it when it was 35$ (when it used to be better than synapse), and i think autumn lowered the price a while ago but synapse is still cheaper, but it's dumb ass hell seeing these
people keep asking when it's going to update, like do they ask every time seraph get's patched? it's pure concentrated retardation. It all depends on how long it takes Autumn to fix the issue, she doesn't know the fucking future.

I own both synapse and seraph and i got to say synapse is kinda better and updates in 30 min!

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Seraph, Stella, Veil, R1 and Protosmasher!
Owner of the exploit: FulFlex

Well, hopefully and MAYBE getrawmetarable works when it updates.

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