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Why Aiden should be mod
1. he has a dedicated server to help users who lost their key
2. has an amazing channel (my opinion) (has nothing to do with this)
3. really nice and funny
4. follows rules given to him
5. has alot of rep.

hope you he gets mod :Big Grin

support server
i bet this is him on a alt lmao
Well I think it's a really good idea Tongue
There's just so much on my plate right now
If the timing is right and I remember, I will consider making this happen, or at least something similar
Thanks for all the help Aiden, it's super appreciated
Wow! Never thought this would happen. I help people for fun and to make sure the community runs great! Anyways, that is my support server if anybody needs it! And its not me who posted this on an alt haha. My only alt is Seearaph

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