[Outdated] Seraph v1.13.6 - Download + Changelog
outdated already

india squad#6749
yeah, doesn't inject for me :^(
It's your hardware/software then, cause it's still working for me and for many other people.

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It currently still works for me too!
Won't inject without crashing for me either.
i hope stuff will be fixed for the RemoteSpy.. i bought Seraph for the RemoteSpy cause its a legendary RemoteSpy Big Grin
And all other exploits i have dont have GetRawMetatable :/ well yea sorry to say but kinda useless for me without RemoteSpy Sad

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??? i cant inject seraph.
(01-07-2018, 10:59 AM)Autumn Wrote: Seraph has been updated!

Finally an update for you. It's been a while since we needed one. Tongue

This was a simple update to meet my imaginary deadline, but I did have a few more features planned that you might see a little later. For example clipboard functions. Everybody has wanted those for a while, and it's pretty easy, so why not? That's not in here though, and if it was then you'd probably be seeing this update tomorrow instead of right now.

I'd just like to let you know that Brandon probably won't be working on Seraph anymore. This means that we might never get another update for RemoteSpy. But I haven't ruled out the possibility yet. I'm sorry to everyone who used RemoteSpy regularly, I miss it too. We'll make due I promise!

Here's the 1.13.6 changelog:

  • Updated Seraph to work with the latest ROBLOX version
  • Disabled the RemoteSpy button

Download: https://rbxlua.pw/purchase/Seraph.7z
Password: "rocketr"

Enjoy! Tongue
registration is not working
I want to buy Seraph, how i do it?
Patched, how wonderful news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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