Vapor's Official Rules/Guidelines

  1. Post in English.
    This is an English forum for English-speaking people. You're going to have a hard time if you speak any other language.
  2. Be respectful.
    Content ruled as disrespect toward another member of the community will be removed on sight.
  3. No referrals or for-profit advertisements.
    Including, but not limited to: sites that makes you win cash if they click your link, advertisements for your GoFundMe page, links to your Kickstarter to fund the next-generation weaponized hyperdrone, etc. What's considered advertising is up to the moderator's discretion, but we all have a general consensus of what's an advertisement or not.
  4. Don't post things that could be considered not safe for work.
    And if you will link them, make sure you add a clear warning beforehand. This applies for avatars as well.
  5. If someone is breaking the rules, use the report function.
    Telling them that they are breaking the rules is usually useless. Just report the post.
  6. Don't report non-rule breaking threads just because you don't like them.
    Here, we practice freedom of speech, not freedom from speech.

  1. Make sure your post adds to the discussion.
    Try reading your post aloud. If you find it pointless or redundant, others will probably feel the same.
  2. Thread titles should be descriptive.
    "Help!!!" is not a good title. Use titles like "Having problems with C++ pointers" or "Sharing my Lua script obfuscator".
  3. Do not use custom font size/color for your entire posts.
    They are there to highlight important information. This rules page should be a fairly good example how to color parts of posts by importance. In 95% of cases, you will not need custom colors/font size.
  4. Do not bump threads unless you have a good reason.
    Bumping threads is fine as long as you add something to the discussion or bring up to date information regarding it. Bumping with just "this is cool/terrible/whatever" is pointless and pollutes the thread list with irrelevant content.
  5. Do not respond to spambots or spammers, do not quote them, do not acknowledge their existence, use the report function.
    Telltale signs of of a spambot are: Fake signature with links to irrelevant sites, extremely generic posts with links, users that have both "Bio" and "Website" filled out with suspicious and site unrelated things, bumping extremely old threads, etc. Spambots will be deleted along with all their posts.
  6. Don't post in help threads if you don't intend to help.
    Nobody should feel uncomfortable asking for support. Mocking confused users or derailing these types of threads is not allowed.
  7. Make sure your post is readable.
    Excessive use of acronyms, obscure slang terms, and lack of punctuation are all things that can contribute to lack of readability.
  8. Do not infringe on another person's privacy.
    Avoid explicitly sharing another person's personal information, even if he isn't on our forum.

  1. Do not make alternate accounts.
    No matter how justifiable or funny your reason might be. One account per person.
  2. If you get banned, feel free to read the forum logged out.
    Don't make another account. See above.
  3. Avatars may not impersonate any other user (including the staff team) on this website.
    Make sure your avatar is original, and not mistakable for somebody else's.
  4. Do not share or give your account to anybody else.
    Your account is yours and no one else's. Anybody caught sharing their account will be permanently banned.

  1. Do not post direct download links.
    Users who visit your links should be prompted before any downloads start.
  2. Do not link to any kind of malware (including trollware).
    All unwanted software, including trollware, will result in a permanent ban.
  3. Do not link to websites that are behind paywalls.
    This is considered advertising and will be treated as such.
  4. Do not link to browser hijackers.
    Sites such as the "gloryholefoundation" are prime examples of browser hijackers. Don't post that.
  5. Link shorteners are prohibited., and are examples of link shorteners.


  1. Be careful when citing your sources and finding your citation material.
    We won't punish anybody for using biased sources, but constantly citing incoherent news outlets/tabloids for your arguments, debates and such will result in punishment from our moderators if deemed excessive.
  2. Argue and debate correctly and with respect on political issues.
    We tolerate political diversity but please, don't bash on each other simply because they have differing opinions.
  3. Targeting specific users or groups are not tolerated.
    Specifically claiming a user's ideology is false then deciding your criticism is threadworthy material warrants a ban.
  4. Hate speech is unacceptable.
    Creating and posting threads and/or replies for the sole purpose of getting a certain user/group mad is not allowed.

  1. Do not publish links to pirated material.
    This includes indirectly linking to warez, such as sharing torrent-sharing websites.
  2. Streams of TV channels, shows and likewise is considered pirated material. Don't post them.
    Plus, streaming websites are usually infested with malware.
  3. Avoid posting spoilers and use spoiler tags when possible.
    It ruins the surprise for a lot of people.

  1. Do not post direct links to binaries. Use a proper file upload host.
    I personally recommend It's a German file hosting service that has disregards the DMCA and similar copyright laws.
  2. Don't share cracked binaries of reverse engineering tools.
    Such as IDA Pro or similar software. We have a zero tolerance policy on piracy.
  3. Reversing or cracking software created by other users on Vapor without their permission is not tolerated.
    Please respect the creations of other Vapor members. Punishment for this rule is up to the moderation team, depending on the severity of the infraction.
  4. Avoid re-releasing content that was already released (don't repost the same file) when possible.
    Use the search bar and see if the file you have was already posted.
  5. Do not resell another person's work without his explicit permission.
    This will end up in a permanent ban if you willingly resold refurbished software.

Lastly, please don't forget to use common sense. That's our golden rule, and we will enforce it through every nook and cranny of our community.

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