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Note to Seraph users: You can register and post here
(11-22-2017, 04:29 AM)Autumn Wrote: For those who are here due to Seraph's Discord server deletion, you will be happy to know this is a public forum. You are free to post, so long as you follow the forumwide rules. This is the best place to ask questions related to the situation, because I will be reviewing most threads posted here. Enjoy Tongue

will you be making another discord server or no?
mmy problem it still keep crashing is is everyone encountering like my problem or its just me? pls rply
where can i find my registration key again :Sad i have proof and everything that bought it and i wanna exploit so bad right now
I switched computers and no longer whitelisted so I can't use the seraph exploit, even if i registered on the registration app can anyone help ;(? I still have the registration key btw
Сераф работает в окнах 7?

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