[ROBLOX] What was the first ever lvl 7?
Lol I am not sure, but cheat enginge??? Cheat engine crashes a lot and it's never been a favorite of exploiting tools...
I'm not sure what the first ever level 7 was, but it was for sure not Cheat Engine. Cheat engine doesn't come close to a Level 7 (Now level 6) exploit, as it is mainly used for either flash games, or Windows Vista games.

Oh hey, thanks for reading this Sig. You won't will regret it, as it is a waste of time. I have nothing here worth reading. 

Wrote a Fan-Fiction once, fucking terrible. Someone liked it, I said I'd make more. 2 years have passed, my DMs have 92 unread messages. 
ToTo (TheOneTheOnly) was one of the first, he started exploiting ROBLOX in 2009, and he's been a god ever since then.

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