Vapor was Forgotten
I am aware that Vapor was never meant to compete with or be like V3rmillion. Vapor is a lot more related to general programming and exploitation than v3rm, but this forum never gained any real activity. The Seraph subforum was the only "successful" part of Vapor as it was the main announcement/discussion grounds following the deletion of the Seraph discord but soon died after the discontinuation of Seraph. The programming and reverse engineering section gained some interest, but it just ended up being a "repost things from v3rm" area/a blurry background of a picture. I believe Vapor lacks specialty of any kind. Unlike V3rmillion, Vapor does not have anything that makes it stick out from other programming forums. V3rm is mostly defined as a Roblox exploiting community, similarly to how Vapor was- temporarily- used for Seraph discussions. I understand that Vapor was not meant to be based upon a specific game or topic, but without anything specific, Vapor fails to stand out from the rest. There's no one here because there is no reason for anyone to come. Eventually, as people moved back to v3rm, Vapor was forgotten.

I'm sure you guys have different thoughts about this whole matter. If you're still here, please share them. I'm looking forward to the future of Vapor if anything will actually happen. Also I'm not a fan of the light theme lol.

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